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Lisa Jacobi offers new website design services and website development. Perhaps you need a complete redesign of your existing website. Lisa is an award winning developer and companies, governments, organizations, and individuals rely on her for ongoing content updates & maintenance, point-perfect page optimization for SEO, website speed optimization, logo design, and other digital assets.

She creates an open and approachable environment to realize and expand on your vision. Each project is a priority treated with care.

Some thoughts from Lisa Jacobi


I prioritize quality design paired with an exceptional client experience. I want to know what makes you tick. A website or design project that reflects your sensibilities will convert customers who feel comfortable with you.


I create websites and digital assets that grow seamlessly as devices and platforms advance. Styles and preferences change, your website will be ready to evolve and keep pace with the expectations of your clients, customers, and you.


I value transparency and honesty, and will never suggest a service that is not in the best interest of you and your company. Likewise, if you require a digital capability that is outside of my scope, I will point you in a trustworthy direction.


Full Website Design Services

New website development, or just looking to redesign your current presentation?

Lisa Jacobi Design provides stress-free, approachable process includes everything from consulting, to server configuration, software installation, and of course design & development. You’ll be thrilled with an inspired, intentional, and conversion-powerful website like no other.


To kick off your project, let’s start with an initial 1-hour phone or virtual consultation where Lisa Jacobi listens to your ideas, clarify priorities, and create your scope of work.

The goal is to put the “you” into your project. Your potential customers and clients want to work with someone who is just like them. Therefore, the end goal is to create a website, logo, or digital asset that reflects you and attracts customers and clients who will invest in your product and services.

Lisa will follow up with an estimate — and once your payment and initial assets are received, starts design and development.

Unless requested, Lisa Jacobi never uses templates. She custom-builds for you. This way, Lisa is confident that your project appeals to the eyes, cuts through the clutter, turns visitors into clients, and ultimately grows your brand.

Promised timelines are met and she messages you regularly about progress and with further ideas or solutions to unexpected issues. Lisa loves when clients check in with her. You are never a bother because timely implementation depends upon the exchange of information.

After website, logo, or project reveal, Lisa Jacobi keeps tweaking and adjusting. Together, you both review and evaluate how your new elements interact in the real world. Lisa will ensure your objectives are on target and implement any necessary changes.

Technology evolves, issues arise, and businesses change. Lisa is promptly available to answer questions, troubleshoot, and find solutions.


If you need initial direction or are stuck on one particular problem area, consulting services can help identify your options and provide a forward direction for all kinds of spaces. Lisa Jacobi Design offers this service for website design, SEO page optimization & speed services, brand colors, font styles, and logos.

Consultations are conducted by phone or virtual meeting spaces. In a 60-90 minute session, Lisa Jacobi listens to your ideas or dilemmas and advise on potential solutions, whether it be something with which she can further assist or a solution you tackle on your own.

Following your meeting, Lisa will send over a comprehensive response with recommendations and suggestions.

Depending on your needs, this could include style direction, server configurations and software, logo & brand guidance, website platforms – themes – page builders.

Website Maintenance

Gone are the days of easy website creation, updates, and maintenance. Most clients do not have the hours in the day to keep their website updated with fresh content and changes. Nor do they have the expertise to monitor and adjust server php language, keep on top of security issues, or handle regular database sweeps and backups.

Lisa Jacobi does this every day for dozens of clients, from large governments to business owners, artists, writers, and entrepreneurs.

Send Lisa Jacobi a link to your website and let her know if it is having any issues. Share the types of content updates you need and, approximately, on what schedule. Lisa will schedule a call and ask for your hosting login information so that she can look over all configurations.

Maintenance plans are in 4 month blocks payable in advance. Each week all areas of your website are completely reviewed as well as your hosting environment.

If hosting, website, or security notification software sends an alert, the issue is promptly handled.

In addition, any updates you send for current content are handled within a few hours of receiving, if not immediately.  And unlike other developers, Lisa promptly replies to let you know she received your email or message.

Interested in working together?
Reach out to schedule a complimentary 30-minute discovery call.

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